Inside the Gate...A Scam? A Fraud? A Boiler Room??

Inside The Gate (, The Gatehouse Blog (, Gold Line Credit Services ( all are a COVER UP, FRONT and a FACADE AND THE SAME PERSON!!! BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE GIVING OUT MISINFORMATION FOR THEIR BENEFIT!!!!!

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Taken for your Money??

Posted on November 7, 2014 by admin

For the vast majority of people, timeshare resort units are a huge waste of money. Here are 10 things that that the timeshare sales rep won’t tell you, but you really should know before you consider buying one:

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Beware of scams while on vacation

Posted on November 3, 2014 by admin

Consumers can be victims of scams any time but are often especially vulnerable when they go on vacation. The reason is simple: Vacationers are usually in a happy, relaxed mood and may be less..

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What happens when you cancel a timeshare or holiday club agreement?

Posted on October 28, 2014 by admin

When you sign a timeshare or holiday club agreement covered by the timeshare regulations, you get a cooling-off period during which you can change your mind. This is usually 14 days, but it can be....

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Should You Invest in a Timeshare?

Posted on Ocotber 25, 2014 by admin

Changes in the industry are adding more flexibility, but timeshares come with big financial risks.

John and Barb Meninga bought their first timeshare in 1997 in Las Vegas. It cost approximately $10,000, and provided the Meningas with a furnished unit to use for one week each year. The couple

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Timeshare: A Fancy Term for Flushing Money Down the Toilet

Posted on October 16, 2014 by admin

I love travel. I also love cheap things. Sure, I’m more than willing to spend money on things which are important to me, but, hey, why spend more when I don’t have to?

That’s what I was thinking when I.....

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You want to vacation in the same place and the same time every year.

Posted on October 12, 2014 by admin

The common argument for this one is that it’s great for a family. You can have the same, known place, and bring the entire family. That’s great, except:

  • You shouldn’t pay rack rate to buy a timeshare. A quick search on any timeshare reseller site will show you...Continue Reading

You want to vacation in the same place and the same time every year.

Posted on October 7, 2014 by admin

If you are a seasoned traveler you will probably be aware of the following info. If so, please pass this on to a first timer and help keep someone's vacation a happy memory.

During your visit to Mexico you will meet

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Resale Scams

Posted on October 2, 2014 by admin

Timeshare scams will not work if sellers do not send the scam artist any money. Beware of who you are dealing with. How can you tell if it is a scam artist? If they ask you for money up front or ahead of the closing, it is generally a scam. All fees can be taken out of a closing if your timeshare is truly sold. If you’re advertising your unit yourself on a

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